Katlav Nanotechnology Company

Katlav Nanotechnology is a Research focused, scientific nanomaterials producer and supply company. Katlav develops scientific methods to evaluate the unique properties of nanomaterials and highly complex functional nano structures.


Katlav company is producing high quality graphene derivatives and complex functional nano structures depending upon customers requirement and also colloborating with a large number of Nanotechnology Research Institutes. We develop a wide range of functional nano structures for conductive inks, supercapacitors, polymer nanocomposites and functional nano electronic systems.


Katlav Nanotechnology Company works on;

• Nanopowder Synthesis

• Electron Microscopy Analysis of Nanomaterials

• Superconductive Nano-solutions

• Graphene Research

• Phase Control Mechanisms of Nanomaterials,

• Synthesis of Functional Low-Dimensional materials.

• Biologically Inspired Nanocomposites

• Graphene based Functional Nanocomposites,

• Magnetic Field Control Techniques,

• Magnetic Nanocomposites

• Advanced Nano fiber Solutions

• Quantum Materials and Quantum Metamaterials

• Evaluation of Nano-Release Risk and Precaution

• Electromagnetic Characterization

• Nanophysics

• Nanoengineering

• Risk assessment of Engineered Nanomaterials

• Nanostructures Modeling



Katlav Nanotechnology develops sustainable nanomaterials synthesis techniques to produce industrial scale nanomaterials and considers to minimize their potential environmental impacts. The approach of Katlav is evaluating to replace hazardous materials that are formed during the nanotechnology research and for this reason several protocols have been developed. The impact of nanomaterials on health and the environment is minimized by developing sustainable synthesis techniques.